My Story…

I began getting into web design while working at a Credit Union.  My boss at the time encouraged me to learn all I could about the Credit Union’s website and pushed me way out of my comfort zone.  He taught me basic coding, and made me realize that this was something I enjoy doing.
Fast forward a few years later my sister started her own business and needed help building her website.  I jumped in, helped her out, and she mentioned that some people would pay good money for this kind of help.
Fast forward again, and my dog’s daycare mentioned they needed some help manipulating their existing website.  I offered my services and overhauled their entire website, something they had gotten a quote of thousands of dollars to do.
I realized at that moment that not only do I want to do this for people, but that I want to do this for people, affordably.  I enjoy helping people take the next steps to grow their businesses, and enjoy doing it at a price that will not break their bank.

My Process…

I like to work together with my clients to create the website they have been dreaming of.  I want it to be a reflection of your business and your mission statement, and for that reason, I require clients provide most of the content for their website, while I provide the bones and structure.  Once we agree to work together, I meet with clients one on one to fill out a website questionnaire to ensure we are on the same page about what you are expecting and what I am offering.  Together we set up deadlines for the project, including work completion deadlines, review deadlines, revision deadlines, and a finished product.  The finished product will be a collaborative representation of your business that you will be proud to show to your clients.